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We support companies in shaping workplaces of the future.

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Our goal is to help companies prepare their work environments in the best way possible to welcome future generations by applying our millennial and generation-specific perspectives and insights.

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Employee engagement atwork

We are convinced that engagement must be measured frequently in scientifically based surveys, requires targeted action strategies and the evaluation of their effectiveness.

Supporter atwork

Our solution is based on expert knowledge in behavioral psychology, human resources and information technology. Our successful collaboration with the ZHAW allowed us to receive six-figure Innosuisse grants.


Volunty is now atwork

With the mission to help organizations shape the workplace of the future, Volunty is now atwork providing the first comprehensive employee engagement tool.


Innovation project Innosuisse

Volunty successfully applied to the 6-month “innovation project” pilot-study on employee engagement in preparation for the Innocheck application.


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Innocheck by Innosuisse

Volunty wins Innosuisse funding to support further research on employee engagement and collaboration with the ZHAW.


Collaboration with ZHAW

Given our commitment to fostering employee engagement on a scientific level, Volunty cooperates with the Zürich University of Applied Sciences.


Fostering employee engagement

Due to the remarkably positive impact of corporate volunteering on employee engagement, Volunty develops a software and service for the management of targeted employee activities in corporate volunteering, training, sports, culture, corporate and employee events.


Volunty Corporate AG: corporate volunteering as a business model

In response to companies’ growing interest in promoting corporate volunteering, Volunty International association evolves into Volunty Corporate AG, providing a software solution for the professional management of corporate volunteering projects.


Volunty International at schools worldwide

The online platform is implemented at numerous educational institutions around the world, working with over a hundred social organizations and thousands of students.


Volunty International

The non-profit online platform is funded in part by generous donations from international companies and is initially rolled out free of charge to educational institutions in Germany and Switzerland.


One encounter leads to Volunty

Marco spontaneously takes part in a volunteer assignment with a 90-year-old lady as part of a course at the University of St. Gallen and recognizes how fulfilling volunteering can be.

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