Promoting a purposeful workplace

Create opportunities for meaningful activities, insightful encounters, development and team building.


Foster employee engagement through activities

Step one is understanding your employees' needs and interests – next it’s time to get active. Our experience has proven that targeted employee activities are the most efficient for engagement in companies.

Centralized activity management

Create and coordinate all your featured activities on one platform. Upload, link and coordinate activities in the areas of corporate volunteering, sports, further education, culture, company and employee events.

Advance with activities

Activities create opportunities for your employees' development, well-being, entertainment and creativity. Whether you offer measures for further education or a night out with the team, promoting and tracking employee activities is essential for a well-rounded workforce.

The core of your team

Learning about what your team is truly passionate about is a valuable asset for your company. By implementing specific activities and receiving honest feedback, you foster an inclusive and healthy company culture, ideally inspiring employees to create petitions for activities, fostering creativity.

Activity reporting

Receive real-time insights into activity participation across all your locations. Create reports according to industry standards and company specific KPIs.

Draft & save activities

Petitions for employee created activities

Participation feedback

Access to partner organization

Tracking & reporting

Employee get-together Planning

With hands, head and heart atwork.

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