“Blackbox Employee – Engagement” an event series by HR today and atwork. (formerly Volunty)

What exactly is employee engagement? How can it be measured and is there a “return on engagement”?

Marco Meister

We know that employee Engagement is supposed to reduce turnover and have a lasting effect on productivity, well-being and motivation. Simultaneously the company’s profitability increases. But for many it remains a black box: What exactly is employee engagement? Can we take measures to foster engagement? How can it be measured? And is there a “return on engagement”?

Together with HR Today and the ZHAW, we want to find a solution with a new event series. The goal of the series is to develop a common understanding of employee engagement and to decrypt the blackbox together.

The event series on the overall topic of employee engagement will address various subjects relating to the definition and measurement of employee engagement. Also defining measures, evaluating their effectiveness and long-term effects on employees and the company. Both scientific and industry experts will discuss possible solutions.

On 24th October 2019 the first event will take place addressing the topic “corporate volunteering – appealing to employees but what’s in it for the company”?

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