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We are dedicated to creating generational work environments. Our priority is that our team benefits from the same employee experience that we aim for our clients to achieve.

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as a team atwork.

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Our goal is to help companies prepare their work environments in the best way possible to welcome future generations by applying our millennial and generation-specific perspectives and insights.

the team atwork.

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We are always growing. Be part of our journey to create the workplace of the future for the next generations.

What our team says

We value agile teamwork and transparent communication. We want to practice what we preach atwork.

Co-Founder & CSO

We all strive to create the future of workplaces. This is what motivates us to go the extra mile, especially as a startup.

COO & Relationship Manager

Every day we face new challenges and meeting customer needs. We manage them through interdisciplinary collaboration and teamwork.