Connect the unconnected.

Our mission is to connect the unconnected atwork. Our communication app connects blue- and white collar employees in the same company.

Marco Meister

Around two billion people do not have an office workspace at the company in which they are employed.  Many are sales representatives and are constantly on the move. Others work in foreign countries, home offices, as part-time or freelancers. They aren’t physically present through a shared workplace and therefore need to connect unconnected employees.

Connecting blue- and white collar employees

The percentage of so-called non-desk employees will continuously increase in the next years. In addition, it’s precisely this flexible approach to work that young employees demand: they want to be assessed by their performance and not by how many hours they spend chained to their desks.

Communicating with non-desk employees is a challenge for any company: many of them don’t have computers or a company e-mail-address. The majority communicated with colleagues via smartphone, WhatsApp or Messenger. However, research shows that the affected employees would like to have more direct communication with their employers and better communication in the workplace in general.

One app for all employees

Our mission atwork is to connect the unconnected. The goal is to connect the remote employees with the rest.  To do so, we provide various tools. For example, employees can use our communication app to exchange information and log on to company-installed terminals. Especially for security reasons it is crucial that employees don’t use private services, but rather in-house or approved external providers if possible. The organizational structure within the app enables targeted content-distribution to various locations, departments, teams and groups. This ensures that employees only receive content that is relevant to them.  

On our communication app, employees can be kept up to date on all news, regardless of their location. A spontaneous get-together in the cafeteria at the HQ? No problem, the invitation will instantaneously reach all employees. The app keeps everyone up to date on all organizational matters, employee activities, surveys, events and announcements. The organization can introduce new employees, express recognition for good work, celebrate business success and can share important information. This is what connects. The customized software functionalities in the app enable companies to successfully engage their employees. 

Regardless of employees working a floor or a country apart: they should be engaged in the company they are a part of. The two billion people without their own office desks could be brought closer together in the future. If not physically, then virtually. We create closeness with our communication app – with little effort, but a measurable effect on employee satisfaction, efficiency and engagement.

Connect the unconnected atwork.

With hands, head and heart atwork.

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