Building stronger teams and company culture

Keep everyone well informed on all organizational news and events on one platform.


Communication is key — give your employees a voice

Organizations need to share internal information regularly. We help you connect with your employees to create healthy communication, culture and motivation. Employees that work together are engaged.

Centralize communication

Connect with everyone, whenever and wherever you need. Share important information, company success and introduce new employees. Avoid miscommunication, increasing productivity and team spirit.

Employee experience

Close relationships and regular exchanges are vital to an ideal workplace environment. Employees can post pictures or reports of activities, share experiences and like and comment on posts.

Engagement reporting

Measure the impact of increasing communication on your organization and gain insight into your employees and engagement levels in the company.

connect + active

With access to active you can share new activities on connect and raise awareness to increase participation rates. The more employees get involved, the more detailed your feedback data and insights will be.

Single sign-on

Private network

Seamless integration

Comment, like and share

Share documents

Team- and group-focused

White label design

GDPR compliance

Connect white- and blue-collar employees

With hands, head and heart atwork.

Discover how atwork.connect can help you improve productivity, engagement and profitability. Let us guide you through a product demo of our modules and provide you with customized pricing.