Innovation funding for atwork

We received funding from Innosuisse for further research and development of our software solution for more employee engagement.

Marco Meister

Employee engagement is a growing trend. Currently, there are over 300 service providers in this sector. However, these providers measure employee engagement solely one-dimensionally and only selectively support companies.

Our goal atwork

We wanted to do better from the onset atwork. Since 2019 we have been working closely with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) to approach employee engagement scientifically. We observed that we are the only provider in the industry to define employee engagement as a life cycle. Engagement must be measured frequently in scientifically based surveys, requires targeted action strategies and the evaluation of their effectiveness. Based on this, we developed a software solution that measures engagement in companies accurately and fosters it through targeted measures.

In collaborating with the ZHAW we learned that true employee engagement is when employees bring their full selves into their professional roles. This means being physically, cognitively and emotionally present. In short: when they are with hands, head and heart at work.

Innovation cheque by Innosuisse

Due to our promising collaboration with the ZHAW, we applied for funding from Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation Agency in the summer of 2019 – with success. First, we received funding in relation to the application for the “innovation cheque”, which funded a preliminary study on the topic of employee engagement. After successful completion we received additional funding for a so-called “innovation project” in record time. A convincing business plan, clear strategy and already gained partners all contributed to the rapid development. These partners include Credit Suisse, Swisscom, Swiss Post and the consulting firm Roland Berger. To date, we support more than 50 large companies in measuring and promoting employee engagement at work.

Our solution

With the money for the innovation project, we are developing the employee engagement software with support from a five-person team at the ZHAW that consists of (behavioural) psychologists, engagement and IT experts. This February, we launched the innovation project that will continue for the next 24 months. With the mission to support companies in fostering employee engagement and creating a generation employee experience, our solution comprises three modules atwork.pulse, and atwork.connect. Innovative employee surveys as pulse checks, a solution for managing internal employee activities (corporate volunteering, sports, and further education) and a software for efficient communication.

We are convinced that we can equip companies with a tool to tackle the challenges the future will present. After all, the job market will undergo fundamental changes. By next year, the Millennials (born 1980 to 1994) and Gen Z (1995 to 2010) will make up the majority of the Swiss workforce. They will bring new interests and needs into their work. In a society, in which people are switching jobs more frequently, employee engagement is becoming more important than ever for companies.

With hands, head and heart atwork.

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