How a generational employee experience works

What can organizations do to attract the employees of tomorrow?

Marco Meister

Employees who work for the same company for many years, possibly even in the same department, yet remain completely satisfied are a rare species nowadays. In most cases, these employees are the so-called baby boomers. They are going to retire in the next few years. Even the people of generation X, those born between 1960 and 1979, will soon no longer dominate the workforce in the DACH-region.

Next up are the younger ones. The employment breakdown for 2025 shows that generation X will make up only 38 percent of the workforce. Generation Y, years 1980 to 1994, will already make up nearly 36 percent. And generation Z – born between 1995 and 2010 – will account for 23.7 percent. Within the next ten years, the younger generations will constitute the vast majority.

Companies need to be able to respond accordingly. Many incentives are still tailored to generation X: a company car, a fancy office for the manager or an own assistant to the project manager. This will hardly impress younger, incoming employees.

What Gen Y and Z are like

The next generation Y (why) has its name for a reason. It’s what describes it best. They are true purpose-seekers.

Generation Z also greatly differs from its predecessors. An important aspect is the blending of hierarchies. This generation wants to have its say. What’s new is the pace: Generation Z wants everything, and they want it now. The digital revolution has strongly influenced their demands.

Generational employee experience

We aim to foster long-term Employee Engagement in businesses and create a generation-friendly employee experience. The crucial aspect is learning the interests and needs of the younger generations and responding accordingly. We know that to enable a genuinely generation-friendly work environment, direct and open communication with employees is essential in order to respond to their needs.

To achieve this, we support you with innovative pulse checks and relevant measures such as apps for employee communication and for the coordination and management of customized employee activities.

The objective is to increase employee engagement so that the younger generations will want to stay with the same company for as many years as Boomers have – and be happy and fulfilled.  

With hands, head and heart atwork.

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