How do you define employee engagement?

Admittedly, the term employee engagement is quite a newly coined term. Many descriptions of what it exactly means can be found on the internet.

Marco Meister

Admittedly, the term employee engagement is relatively new. You can find many descriptions of what it exactly means on the internet. Most of them state that it is the emotional bond that employees have with their company. How strong said bond is, according to the internet, depends on the degree of employee’s personal commitment and motivation to their employer’s goals and values. The contribution to the company’s success also plays a crucial role.

To us, this is only one component. The company’s perspective is crucial, as engaged employees are more productive and usually stay on board for a longer period. Consequently, effective employee engagement helps companies achieve their corporate goals.

Hands, head and heart atwork.

Scientifically based employee engagement is when employees bring their whole selves into their professional roles and are simultaneously physically, cognitively and emotionally present while performing their work. In short: when they work with their hands, head and heart. This threefold scientific approach has even proven its worth in the medical field. Studies often refer to cognitive, physical or emotional factors. This holistic approach is also tried and tested in the working world.

Today there are more than 300 employee engagement service providers. However, these providers measure it one-dimensionally and only support companies in certain aspects, such as in measuring it or implementing specific measures to increase employee engagement.

We perceive employee engagement not as one-dimensional, but as a lifecycle. In doing so, we rely on science: We start by measuring engagement based on a scientific approach, defining company-specific measures for improvement, and finally evaluate their effectiveness and long-term impact. This is a holistic and scientific approach that demonstrates our commitment to offering more than just nice-sounding promises – and we prove it. We put our money where our mouth is.

Why it’s important

It’s not just a fad. It’s a fact that the younger generations have grown up in a world of options. They want to be free to decide where, how and when they work. It’s obvious that they take different things into account when choosing a job than previous generations. With our five requirements for successful employee engagement, we have compiled the interests and needs of the new generations. One insight is that many companies no longer meet modern demands.

With our software you can easily determine how well your company is positioned. It is the first end-to-end solution for the entire employee engagement life cycle with a focus on software products such as pulse checks for its measurement, definition of measures and innovative reporting for impact assessment. Employee engagement can help make your company become more successful. Don’t let the previously unfamiliar terminology deter you – take advantage of the opportunities this presents for you and your employees.

With hands, head and heart atwork.

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