How we work

Our employees are with hands, head, and heart at-work!

What makes us authentic?

The fact that we are all bold in our own way. All our employees strive for success through challenging and hard work. We stand for what we do and are proud to contribute to our product and be a part of its creation within all departments.

Our employees are enabled to develop themselves while working in young and dynamic teams. We always give our best at work because know that true engagement goes beyond the workplace and is enriching in all areas of life. If you are willing to grow beyond yourself, you belong to atwork. Because for us easy is boring.

Feel free to reach out and get to us better. Learn more about our culture and if match your personal ideologies.
We’re always open for a chat with you and answer all your questions!

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Benefits of being atwork

We pride ourselves on the fact that, although we are a start-up, we offer a stable environment with appealing benefits.
Work hard, play hard!
atwork cares about flexibility, learning and belonging. Which is why we support our employees and enable them to be their best selves.
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Remote work

There is no need to be in an office or at a desk to make an impact. You can decide where and how you work best.

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Flexible hours

Room to be creative whenever you feel like it. With our flexible hours, you decide when you work.

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Cheat days

Spontaneous trip? Day off for a haircut? Joining a gaming event? We offer our employees 2 cheat days a year!

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Learn and grow

Personal development is important to us. Our employees have annual learning hours and budget as well as mentor & buddy programs to make sure you stay on top of your game.

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Fun and games

We nurture belongingness and promote well-being. From developments weeks twice a year to weekly HIT Training and regularly after-work drinks, we’ll make sure that employees know each other.

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Long-term perks:

Celebrate your third anniversary with us by taking an extra one week of holidays or get a bonus on your salary. We’re proud that you are with us and we show it!

Values and principles

The foundation of our actions and our identity as an innovative employer


We question the status quo and know no limits. We give everything to achieve our goals. We believe in ourselves and can do anything.


We bestow our employees with autonomy and freedom to fuel their creativity and to allow every single idea to be valued and heard. We welcome each and every individual contributing to our international and diverse workforce.


We strive for success and give our best every day. We believe in our goals and vision to make success more predictable through the targeted improvement of HR key figures.


We are agile and driven by our pioneering spirit. We are always one step ahead and are constantly developing our product - regardless of the challenges.

Sustainable growth

To us, it is important that every employee embarks on their own journey and growth. We ensure that everyone has the possibility to develop their skills and abilities in a stable and job-secure environment. We foster a strong company culture by carefully selecting individuals who resonate with our values and beliefs.

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