Measure and foster employee engagement

A comprehensive employee engagement tool. Backed by science, developed with cutting-edge technology, supported by the ZHAW and Innosuisse.

The employee engagement life cycle

We are the first provider to define employee engagement as a life cycle. Engagement must be measured frequently in scientifically based surveys, requires targeted action strategies and the evaluation of their effectiveness.

The technology at work

By implementing AI and specialized algorithms we prevent survey fatigue and create a unique user experience and survey environment. We rely on innovative processing technologies to create sentiment analyses from English and German.

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The science at work

Our employee engagement software was jointly developed by behavioral psychologists, human resource and engagement experts and is supported by Innosuisse.

We've got you covered

Comprehensively foster employee engagement

Fully integrable into your IT system

Modular tool for optimal user experience

Available as desktop-, app- or terminal solution

GDPR compliance — highest cyber security levels

Connects blue- and white-collar workers

Customizable look & feel

Backed by scientific research partners

With hands, head and heart atwork.

Discover how to increase engagement atwork. Let us guide you through a product demo of our modules and provide you with customized pricing.