The core of feedback and transparency

Our surveys and pulse checks on employee engagement and life cycle provide you with honest insight and deep understanding of your organization.


Get to know your employees

Our module enables you to check your employees' pulse by regularly launching innovative and science-backed surveys. Honest and transparent feedback allows you to derive customized action plans with real results and increased participation rates.


Developing successful surveys

Methodology based on scientific research paired with advanced data science.

Ask the right questions Measure employee engagement based on our five requirements, as well as generation-specific needs and interests.

Advance with AI Our unique pulse check question logic tree using artificial intelligence and algorithms ensures feedback in all topical categories.

Customize surveys Tailor survey questions to your needs to take effective action and share important company information with your employees.

Check the pulse Launch ad hoc surveys additional to automated pulse checks.


Engagement requirements

We measure engagement in the five categories of attraction, attention, development, purpose, and well-being. Based on your survey results, we help you derive the appropriate actions.

Take action Gaining insights from employee surveys is the foundation – our company-specific action plans are the key to successful response.

Value your data Get a breakdown into the five requirement categories to understand your engagement levels.


Engagement reporting

Get real-time company insights and analyses in the engagement dashboard.

Transparency Employees can choose to make surveys ‘public’ and communicate directly with their manager.

Open access Get data-based insights from the dashboard – accessible to managers on all organizational levels.

Real-time Receive results in real-time rather than months, unlike traditional surveys.

The technology and science behind our software

To shape the future of survey implementation and evaluation, we advance through innovative technology and research methods.


Scientific research

Developed together with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences & supported by the Swiss Innovation Agency Innosuisse.

Smooth integration

Seamless software integration into your existing IT infrastructure and advanced user experience through single sign-on.

Survey accessibility

Employee survey access through emails, on smartphones via link, app or company terminal — translation available in multiple languages.


Survey logic tree with AI and algorithms provides a comprehensive topic overview of results and enables internal benchmarking.

Language programming

Sentiment analysis and NLP for evaluation of comments and written responses in surveys.

Simplified communication

Get feedback from white-and blue-collar workers, with or without e-mail address.

With hands, head and heart atwork.

Discover how atwork.pulse can help you improve productivity, engagement and profitability. Let us guide you through a product demo of our modules and provide you with customized pricing.