How it all began: The story behind Volunty

Leave the Bubble You are Living in. Find Maria | Marco Meister | TEDxYouth@Zurich

Christina Völker

Leave the Bubble You are Living in. Find Maria | Marco Meister | Volunty | TEDxYouth@Zurich

Marco Meister on the story behind Volunty

22-year-old Marco Meister is driven by an experience he had while attending university. Marco became involved in community service by chance, attending a college course that he greatly underestimated. The experience changed his life through just a single encounter. He had the task of accompanying an old and needy lady, Maria.

Marco was confronted with the terrifying loneliness and isolation many elderly people in society are living in. Meeting Maria and having such a formative experience helped him leave what he calls the tiny bubble he was living in. In conclusion, he decided it was important to create awareness among students to help the elderly in need.

Driven by his experience, Marco co-founded Volunty, now atwork. Volunty was primarily an internet-based platform that assisted educational institutions to engage their students in local community service projects. The goal was to encourage them to have similar formative experiences. Ideally, students would go above and beyond the required service hours and understand how rewarding their contributions were. In doing so, Volunty’s most active students would receive rewards by for instance having the opportunity to meet and greet inspiring people from sports, politics, and business.

Leave the bubble you are living in. Go out there and do something good. Find Maria.

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