Three-in-one solution to get your SME engaged atwork.

If you’re new to the topic of employee engagement and want to start off strong, we’re here to provide you with one intranet solution that was built to meet all of your SME’s requirements. Three modules in one tool atwork.

One platform to connect everyone

We started small – most companies do. So, we know first-hand how valuable simple communication is, no matter how large or small your business.

Whether it’s updates with news, sharing company successes, growing your team and onboarding new employees – connecting your team is essential to building a strong company and corporate identity. We help you connect with everyone by providing you with one simple and customizable intranet platform.

Get feedback from your employees

The smaller the business, the more agile – at least that’s how it should be. Getting everyone engaged means getting feedback and the creative ideas all employees can bring to the table to advance your business, foster employee engagement and be productive. You can never start too early.

Engage and build your teams

Everyone seeks to stay active and know that their time at work is invested in a common goal and serves the greater good. Activities are a great way to foster employee engagement for even the smallest teams. Find out what further education opportunities or volunteering activities your teammates are interested in and get everyone involved, while managing everything on one comprehensive platform.

Less is more atwork.

We’ve combined everything you need to engage your employees. Manage all internal activities, conduct surveys and get feedback, connect and communicate with everyone.


Activity management module in the areas of corporate volunteering, sports, further education, get-togethers and company events.


Survey and feedback tool with reporting and action plans in all engagement requirement categories.


Intranet communication module with customer-specific feature development.

We’re here to support you atwork.

Various requirements – one solution. Whether in corporate communication or getting feedback from your employees, learn about our tried and tested tools that help you build your employee engagement.


Team building — corporate volunteering

Tailor employee activities to boost engagement.


Connect with everyone

Share important news and updates with your whole company.


Check your employees’ pulse

Get to know their personal needs and interests.


With hands, head and heart atwork.

Discover how to increase engagement atwork. Let us guide you through a product demo of our modules and provide you with customized pricing.