Bringing together teams and individuals

Working remotely is now being practiced more than ever before. A generational workplace must provide seamless and transparent communication to all employees, freelancers, and blue- or white-collar workers regardless of location.

Adapting to rapidly changing workplace dynamics

Remote workers report significantly lower stress levels and higher morale. Investing early in mastering these changes will be extremely beneficial for companies in all sectors.

Multigenerational workplace communication

Not only the new generations taking over the workforce have high expectations when it comes to communicating with their managers and peers. Non-desk employees, freelancers and blue- and white-collar workers all need to be kept up to date on company news and relevant information. Having a single channel for open communication is essential for building teams that can keep their eye on the prize: the corporate goals and objectives.

We created a platform to keep everyone connected. For employees working remotely, freelancers without company e-mail addresses, and non-desk employees in need of a mobile app: we help you stay on track atwork.

Blue-collar & non-desk employees

Many industries rely heavily on non-desk work patterns: we’ve got your back. Hotel staff, most likely to be found on your feet behind a reception desk, in the kitchen or elsewhere - the future of communication in your industry is mobile. The same goes for blue-collar workers on construction sites and retail staff. Everyone should be engaged at all times to successfully carry out the company values that they represent daily.

One channel for communication atwork.

Connect all your employees on one platform, providing a shared space to foster employee engagement. Regardless of location, we want to help you keep everyone on track at work.


News & updates

Corporate communication, onboarding announcements, file upload, likes & comments on posts.

App & desktop

Communication with blue- and white-collar workers, non-desk employees, and freelancers on all devices, regardless of work location or company e-mail address.

Intranet solution

Complete intranet solution for fundamental corporate communication with engagement reporting on all team levels.

We’re here to support you atwork.

Various requirements – one solution. Whether in corporate communication or getting feedback from your employees, learn about our tried and tested tools that help you build your employee engagement.


Team building — corporate volunteering

Tailor employee activities to boost engagement.


Check your employees’ pulse

Get to know their personal needs and interests.



Tailored to your needs, company size and employees.