Corporate volunteering — why it's important and effective

Corporate volunteering goes beyond boosting your CSR for employer branding. Giving employees the benefit of adding value and finding purpose during working hours has proven invaluable for successful employee engagement.

We started out atwork in the corporate volunteering sector. Our countless experiences enabled us to optimize overall activity management, teaching us many valuable lessons — mainly that strategy is key.

The first step is identifying your employees’ interests. Discovering which causes are dear to their hearts helps in setting up activities that they will eagerly participate in. This lays the foundation for successful team building. After many strategy workshops with employees and managers, we believe that combining corporate goals with results from employee interest analyses surveys is the way to go.

This leads to a purposeful corporate volunteering program, encouraging all your employees to continuously participate, ultimately fostering emotional engagement in your company.

Committed partner organizations

Companies are often willing yet unable to offer corporate volunteering assignments to their employees. Setting up activities is time-consuming. That’s why we rely on and give you access to more than 200 trusted partner organizations worldwide.

Corporate volunteering atwork.


Global partner organizations


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The second step is communicating and managing your activities efficiently. Making assignments accessible to employees is crucial. We ensure that your teams can quickly access all relevant information, register for events, and give feedback on completed assignments — all on one tool.

Your volunteering initiatives should be overall manageable. That’s why we implemented comprehensive reporting, providing an overview of all levels at all times. Track engagement activities on individual, team, city, country, or global levels – with reporting at your fingertips, that meets all industry standards.

All-in-one activity management atwork.

Create, coordinate and manage your activities with one tool. We’re here to support you with the whole process, from setup to implementation at work.


Customized assignments

Employee surveys, company workshops and matching with partner organizations for effective activity planning and increased participation rates.

Communicate activities

Direct access to information on assignments, single sign-on, activity feedback from employees on completed events.


Participation tracking on all company levels, reporting on industry standards SDG/GRI, report conversion to PDF/Excel as required.

We’re here to support you atwork.

Various requirements – one solution. Whether in corporate communication or getting feedback from your employees, learn about our tried and tested tools that help you build your employee engagement.


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Share important news and updates with your whole company.


Check your employees’ pulse

Get to know their personal needs and interests.



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