Staying at the pulse of your multigenerational workforce

Employee engagement can only succeed through the key component of communicating feedback. Knowing where your teams stand, listening to their needs and acting upon them should be routine.

Initial employee engagement analysis

To successfully engage your employees, you have to start somewhere – with a clear strategy.

We teamed up with research scientists in the fields of psychology and HR management. Together we defined an initial engagement analysis comprised of questions in all 3 dimensions of engagement: physical, emotional, and cognitive.

The foundation for deep-dive analyses and targeted action plans is simply achieved by your employees answering a set of short scientifically based questions.

Your content, our software atwork.

Customize your survey questions according to your needs. Use the full potential of feedback as a direct communication channel to derive targeted measures for your employees.

Employee engagement life cycle - a marathon, not a sprint

Engaging your employees means continuously giving and receiving feedback. Providing you with over 200 automated questions in the five engagement categories of attraction, development, well-being, attention, and purpose, we keep you at the pulse of your workforce.

Our software processes the answers you receive using AI, algorithms and NLP, to enable detailed reporting in each of the five categories and targeted action plans. Find out what’s really on your employee’s minds - save yourself from wasting resources on ineffective and impersonal measures.

Room for improvement

A Gallup study found that 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged at work. According to Salesforce, employees who feel that they are being heard are 4.6 times more empowered to perform at their best. So even the slightest changes can significantly improve your employee engagement.

Company culture post M & A

Big changes such as mergers and acquisitions require assessing your company culture from employee perspectives. Good corporate communication and feedback is crucial for receiving real-time insights to make necessary adjustments. We implemented sentiment analyses with applied artificial intelligence, natural language processing (NLP) and algorithms for optimized feedback results.

Feedback and surveys for targeted measures atwork.

Communicate with your employees through survey questions and feedback from their first day on. Receive automated, targeted action plans to take necessary measures. Then gain valuable feedback on implemented actions and measures in detailed reporting.


Engagement analyses

Initial engagement analysis, deep-dive analysis > 200 scientifically based survey questions, customizable surveys for direct communication.


AI, algorithms & NLP for question analysis, engagement reporting in all 5 requirement categories, benchmarking on team & individual levels.

Action plans

Automated & targeted action plans based on feedback in all engagement requirement categories, tracking of engagement measures.

We’re here to support you atwork.

Various requirements – one solution. Whether in corporate communication or getting feedback from your employees, learn about our tried and tested tools that help you build your employee engagement.


Team building — corporate volunteering

Tailor employee activities to boost engagement.


Connect with everyone

Share important news and updates with your whole company.



Tailored to your needs, company size and employees.