What defines the younger generations?

Starting in 2021, gen Y and Z will make up the majority of the workforce and bring new needs and interests to the workplace. Get a brief summary of what you will need to know here.

Marco Meister

While each generation is brought into a world with circumstances that it has not created, the younger generations strive to shape the world that they live in.

Especially organizations must learn to adapt their environments. No organization can afford to sustain an outdated work environment and hierarchy. If younger individuals feel uncomfortable, they simply quit their job.

Gen Y & Z

The younger generations are considered particularly uncompromising in this respect. Generation Y, born between 1980 and 1995, thinks of work as just a part of life. This component imperatively must be compatible with other aspects such as family and leisure. This generation is used to having its say and realizing its full potential. Optimism is also a typical characteristic of this generation, so it comes as no surprise that many are choosing to found their own company.

Generation Z is very similar. These are, roughly speaking, those born after 1995. If this generation is one thing, it’s fast. Blending professional and private life does not appeal to it. Gen Z insists on fixed working hours, unlimited contracts and clearly defined organizational structures. Gen Z was raised to be confident and is very good at expressing its opinion. A generous salary and security are very important. At the same time, Gen Z insists on many liberties. If you meet their needs for personal development, they will certainly perform well. Digital technology is part of their everyday lives, and they barely know what it’s like to really be offline.

Generational workplace

We are convinced: the more that companies get their employees involved, the greater the engagement and commitment towards the company will be. Especially in regards to Gen Y & Z. In the future, companies will increasingly find themselves trying to prove how certain jobs and tasks are meaningful.

Successful Employee Engagement is the key to achieving this. It is based on a scientific life cycle. Together with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) we have developed the foundation. With our advanced end-to-end solution, we are able to provide our service from a single source, based on the Employee Engagement life cycle. Our software is not only science based, but also generational. Younger employees in particular will not bother struggling with complex tools.

We are thus enabling companies to adapt their environments to the new needs of generations Y and Z – atwork.

With hands, head and heart atwork.

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